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Decent menu and drink selection

We enjoyed going here once in awhile and drink some wine and beer with friends. Perfect place for lunch after going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday's.

Alicia K
Temecula, CA

Pretty Good

We attended the Temecul Rod Run this year and stayed at the Hotel in Old Town Temecula next to Baily's. It was our first time attending the even and we hada great time. My wife and I decided to eat there for breakfast and we enjoyed so much we ate all our meals there for the two days of the event. We will certainly be back net year. We will probably try other places but we will eat a few meals there.

Ronald L
San Dimas, CA

Good Meeting Place

Friends and I met for lunch there after wine-tasting. We felt it was price reasonably and they had lots of good menu choices. It was worth the visit. Will be back.

Kristen J
San Diego, CA

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