Temecula, CA
The City That Shines Through The Mist
Area Code: 951 - Zip Code: 92592

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Category: Fitness Training
Temecula, CA
(951) 491-9204     Website

We can change your body and fitness in 90 days. We teach our clients how to make fitness a way of life. Many satified customers have changed their bodies and their lives.

LifeFit LifeFit

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Best Trainer Ever

I started training with Lanae about 6 months ago. I cannot say thank you enough. In just a few months I have lost over 30 pounds, lost 2 dress sizes and best of all got off all those medications I was on.

I have learned how to manage my daily eating habits and a regular excercise program. I have tried all the diets and paid for all the gimmicks and at the end of the day the answer was right in front of me... Good eating habits and exercise is the answer.

Lanae has taught me so much and keeps me motivated, but best of all she really cares about her clients and went far and beyond my expectations.

Love you girl

Jena M
Temecula, CA

Looking Great!!

Love their Boot Camp. They make it fun and it's a great work out. You can't beat the price. I love the fact that it's at Morgan Hill park near my home.

Sandy P
Temecula, CA

I Love It!

I have been going to their boot camp for about six months. The girl (Lanae) is awesome. She is energetic and fun and really knows her stuff. I also like their accountability program, it makes me follow a regimen thus helping me keep my weight where I want to, and my figure for my hubby.

Lisa M
Temecula, CA

Great work out and trainers!

I Never thought I'd say this but I actually look forward to getting up at 5:30 AM to go to bootcamp. Mom has to be proud.

Samantha K
French Valley, CA

Awesome Boot Camp

Best workout ever! Lanae makes it fun and her energy is contagious.
My body is changing and my fitness is growing everyday. I must admit don't like getting up at 5 am 2 days a week, but you know what they say " You never feel bad after working out" Thank you Lifefit!

Julie G
Murrieta, CA

A Hate and Love Relationship

Hate to get up that early in the morning, but love they way I feel afterwards. Great workout, great trainer, fun and friendly people.

Elsa M
Temecula, CA

Work it!

I love working hard and Lanae pushes me harder than I would ever push myself. I have never been real fat, but now I am fit and I just feel stronger doing everyday tasks. My arms are lookin' good in my tank tops and my legs are starting to have that definition I've always wanted. My hubby doesn't want me to quit. Love it! She has also helped me to clean up my food. I feel like a lean machine!

Susie M
Temecula, CA

Online Training

I was a little hesistant about signing up for their online training, but after a few weeks of following their workout and eating program I started to see results. The best part is that I was able to do it from home. Yeah!! you need to be more disciplined but they were very encouraging and kept me going until I reached my goal.

Now I'm just on a monthly maintenance program that keeps me on track and helps me maintain my goals. I have learned to make my eating habits and excercise regimen a way of life.

Thank you!

Susan M
Los Angeles, CA

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